Join The Freedom Within ODD Program

Discover how to stop meltdowns even if your child doesn't regulate their feelings, gets very mad and is very defiant.

The "Freedom Within ODD"  is a 6 months parenting and well-being coaching support programme, which will help you restore happiness, get your life back and overcome Oppositional Defiant Disorder

The Freedom Within ODD Approach is for parents that don't want to rely on medication and psychiatrists for the rest of their lives 

The vast majority of parents of children with ODD are spending long waiting lists to get accessed, being referred to free therapy sessions (or paid) and achieving very little results. 

By the time their child is 15 their relationship is broken, the child has not got better. Many children get worse, develop anxiety, aggressive behaviours and have trouble in either at home or at school.

Families are suffering long term negative impact and consequences. 

That has to change! 

It's about time to begin this beautiful journey if:

  • You are tired of arguing with your child for absolutely everything. You start your morning feeling things will be better and suddenly you feel like your happiness has been taken away in the first 2 minutes 

  • Your child doesn't know how to behave in front of other people. Going out to playdates, birthday parties and families reunions is impossible because people simply don't understand your child and think you don't know how to raise them
  • You have anxiety yourself and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. You realise that time is passing you by and all you've done is worry about your child's anxiety whilst not having the time to address your own

  • You feel you could be more patient but it seems impossible. Every single day, at some point you loose your mind and scream your head off at your child

    • You try to get your child to understand what they're doing wrong and end up in a 45 minute argument. Every time you try to explain and have a chat with your child, it becomes a big trigger for your 5 year old.

    • You feel like your life has ended after having a child. When you think of socialising and enjoying life with family and friends you give up because you know it will bring more stress and disappointment than happiness and joy.

      My name is Melissa, I'm a mother of 3 and I've faced real challenges, constant arguments and oppositional behaviours with my own ODD child. It was hell, I'd fight with him every single moment of every single day, it was heartbreaking..

      Over time I've found VERY effective ways to help my child and overcome Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

      I also found amazing ways to regulate my own emotions, release negative thoughts and feelings and start enjoying life again. 

      I work with parents of children with ODD and I help them do exactly the same thing as I did.

      It is my mission to work with as many parents as I can and share the real stuff that changed my life and my family's life so you don't need to experience your kid screaming every day, arguing against every rule or trying to go out to have fun and end up in a disastrous fight that involve the entire family.

      I started my career in 2012 as an early years music educator and have worked with many different families through out. I've worked with special needs and health care for years and I am also a qualified baby massage instructor, a sound healing practitioner and a silent counselling therapist.

      Become the mum you hope to be by simply focusing on what really matters which is what underpins the behaviours

      The "Freedom Within ODD" approach addresses all the pillars needed so you can overcome Oppositional Defiant Disorder for life, feel good and have a wonderful relationship with your child built on trust, compassion and cooperation:


      Have Weekly Coaching Sessions with me that last for 60 minutes and address both, your parenting skills, your well-being and mental health. I will guide you and support you through implementing the strategies you need to get the best results you can within your reality 

      Worth £4000 for a 6 months period

      Be part of the Well-Being Journey - the program that will get your bad feelings, anxieties and fears to be released so you can finally be in alignment to who you really are feeling less stress and ending mental anguish for life 

      Worth £250

      Discover the Emotional Intelligence Blueprint - the method that will give you all the tools you need to help your child learn to regulate their emotions like never before

      Worth £280

      Get access to the Mastering Connection Toolbox - The place where you will get the best strategy to take your relationship with your child to its next level building the deepest level of friendship, honesty and respect

      Worth £350

      The Discipline Mindset Secrets is included - This will show you how to keep yourself in alignment with the mum you want to be, feeling more patient and less anxious so you can discipline your child in compassionate and very effective ways

      Worth £500

      You will also get the Strategy Magic Secrets - where you will literally get to know all the secrets you need to be able to teach your child when their behaviour is unacceptable and get them to understand the difference between right and wrong

      Worth £250



      The Compassionate Secret Formula - Where your child will develop the skills of:




      Worth £247

      P.S: Remember, 67% of the children diagnosed with ODD will grow out of it within 3 years of being diagnosed! 

      We can do this!  


      What is the format of this program:

      You get personalised support in individual coaching sessions with me

      What will the calls be on?

      Our weekly calls with be via Zoom video calls.

      How long are the calls going to be?

      up to 60 minutes.

      What days will the calls be?

      This is something you will arrange with me in our first coaching session! It is important to keep the sessions in the same week day so we work with a good flow and consistency through the whole 6 months period.

      What is the commitment 

      The commitment is 6 months of coaching support. 

      What type of coaching support will I get?

      You will get one to one coaching sessions focusing on parenting strategies and a wider understanding of the behaviours every fortnight and coaching session focusing on your mental health and healing process every fortnight which means you get a call per week to support both sides of parenting.

      Can I use this program with all my children? 

      Yes you can, you have LIFE TIME ACCESS which means you can use for as long as you want and with as many children as you wish! 

      Can I have my partner with me during the sessions? 

      Yes you can! Of course! 

      Can I have my children with me during the sessions? 

      Ideally not but of course flexibility is important in days like today! The best thing to do is to try to be in a quiet place for the calls so we can go deep into finding answers! A film can always be the nanny for those so precious moments! 

      Can I pay in instalments? 

      Yes you certainly can! 

      Can I cancel a session? 

      Yes you can, as long as there is a strong reason for it and the session is rearranged for the same week.

      Can I email you with questions through out my week? 

      Yes you can, you can email me once a week to ask anything you need!